Monday, June 2, 2008

Dolphin's Taylor Wants Trade, Networks Line Up in Anticipation

Upset that Bill Parcels doesn't understand his need to express himself or the want to not show up to OTAs, Jason Taylor has politely asked to be traded.

It's unclear what Miami would be able to get for him. FOX, home of So You Think You Can Dance, has expressed interest, but doesn't seem keen on dealing H.O.U.S.E star Hugh Laurie, who would make a serious run at contention for starting quarterback under Parcells.

And according to a FOX insider, they wouldn't even consider dealing Family Guy for the Miami Defensive end.

"No way that's in the cards [a Taylor for FamilyGuy trade]. It's our last show with any real value outside of American Idol, and God knows what we'll do when that and our aging cartoons finally retire."

Other networks have issued back-channel calls to the team, including MTV (home of DanceLife) which might include a trade for the entire crew of the struggling TRL, and CBS, which is interested in dealing Regis Philbin with the intent of building a new show around Taylor, Million Dollar Dancer.

"They'd get a decent starting running back, which they need, and we'd have a nice piece to build around with Jason."

Through it all, Jason is happy that there is interest but that won't end the feeling of rejection from Miami. "It's pretty upsetting not to be appreciated by your team," Taylor said while pouring over tapes of his almost-perfected Tango.

"I thought they would love me for who I am."

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  1. That picture alone should make him not want to enter an NFL locker room for the rest of his life.