Saturday, May 31, 2008

Confirmed: Barry Zito's Fastball Defies Gravity

The San Francisco Giants Barry Zito, who will earn roughly a million dollars in the time it would take him to read this entry (and he's a fast reader), has shown the world of sports and science something spectacular:

He can grip a baseball in four different places by the seams, and with the force of a violent, unnatural shoulder whip and release, can throw the ball hard enough that it defies both gravity and any occurring wind effects to strike the catcher's glove in a relatively timely fashion over 60 feet away.

Stanford and M.I.T. physicists and mathematicians are furiously determining whether the feat shown by Zito was in fact, even possible, having seen bundles of evidence to the contrary in all of Zito's April starts.

The idea that this throw could be controlled to land in a roughly specific location about 2 feet by 1 foot seems to be science fiction - repeated viewing of the Zito tapes would incidate this to indeed be an impossible fallacy.

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