Monday, August 3, 2009

AL CENTRAL: Ultimate Zone Rating Comparison

League Average: .003

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  1. Jose Guillen as a RF accounts for -18.2 of that, and that's in only 65 games.

  2. So...if we had a replacement level guy in RF we'd be second in the Central?

    Wow. I wonder how much of that is Callaspo, then.

  3. I misspoke, actually - Guillen's a -16.0 in RF.

    Callaspo's a -9.4 at second base.

    And if you want to see really atrocious, only measure the UZR after Coco Crisp goes down to injury.

    And remember, those numbers include us having the best defensive LF in baseball, so you've got a big pool of suck outside of two guys.

  4. This should really be done on the individual level - the aggregate is clearly not as effective as needed.