Monday, June 16, 2008

Darth Tiger Orders Destruction of Planet Rocco

Darth Tiger ruthlessly destroyed the peaceful planet of Rocco Monday afternoon after toying with the idea since Sunday.

The Mediatians, the nomadic and generally unsuccessful people of the now destroyed planet, fought valiantly witnesses say.

"It was amazing. Here's this giant Death Club completely aimed at Rocco," traveling merchant and part-time bard Bobus Costamus described with with both awe and fear in his eyes, "and the Mediate people really tried their best."

But that wasn't enough to stop the awesome destructive power of the Death Club, Darth Tiger's perch from which he has destroyed at least thirteen other peaceful planets.

"As always, it wasn't really fair. Darth Tiger has a giant laser beam that focuses the Nike Force into white-hot solar system destroying power, and the Mediatians had wooden clubs? This terror must be stopped."

Unconfirmed reports described a resistance force covertly organized by the Empire outlaw known as Obi-Wan Mickelson, but those rumors were quickly dispelled when his body was found in the 13th Quandrant of the Open system.

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