Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Remember When? A Look Back at 4 Days Ago

In light of not being able to consider a better way to start the show, I'd like to make a set of dedications in the style of rap album liner notes.

Perhaps the topsoil is no longer suitable for things like "growing food" or "sustainable living", but it still makes some mighty fine grit. I'm happy about this. Without grit, we only have 50% of a show, at least until manual transmissions disappear, and then we have nothing.

Much love to the roughly 39 bazillion sports journalists out there with absolutely nothing better to do than take pictures of Matt Leinart in a hot tub or be forced to listen to Ozzie Guillen press conferences. I feel your pain. I really do.

Props to Robert Downey Jr., despite the fact that I went to see your movie hoping it was a heart wrenching tale about playing both sides of the ball in a much gritter time and all you did was wear a mustard and ketchup colored metal suit.

To that one guy who accidentally accessed this page by random, here's a glass tip to you. It gets better. And then you can brag to all your friends about how you were there first, even though they will be wearing the intentionally distressed Gritty & Clutch logo T-shirt and saying they were there with us all the way back to 06, even though I didn't meet Gritty until almost 2 years later. My advice is to leave a particularly incendiary or foolish comment so that you can achieve a sort of boring form of immortality.

Of course, here's to God and his love of 24 hour sports coverage. He has gotten lazy in His later years, preferring professional bowling and poker coverage to plagues and famines. It's kind of a wash, if you think about it.

Enjoy the show. Tip your waitresses.

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